botanical drops for sparkling water

the taste of a sun-soaked place

Bon Gysr drops are aromatic blends of botanical extracts, minerals, and electrolytes for exceptional home-crafted sparkling water.

Bon Gysr botanical drops are compatible with all sparkling water carbonators like SodaStream and Aarke. Just squeeze a few drops into plain, chilled carbonated water.

  • botanical extracts

    Refreshing fruit and aromatic herbs are thoughtfully layered for perfectly crafted homemade sparkling water.
    Using fruit, flower, and herb extracts, Bon Gysr drops elevate your sparkling water ritual.

  • sweetener-free

    Free from sugar and free from all sweeteners.
    The best sparkling water doesn't need sugar or cloyingly sweet alternatives like aspertame or stevia. Bon Gysr uses fruit, flower, and herb extracts for uncompromising flavor that's naturally sugar and sweetener-free.

  • minerals & electrolytes

    Harvested French grey sea salt provides trace minerals along with a blend of magnesium and potassium, creating balanced taste and boosting hydration so you can get the most out of sipping your sparkling water.

Why are you still lugging heavy cases of sparkling water?

You LOVE sparkling water. We can tell by your recycling bin! Maybe you have been considering getting a SodaStream...or are already carbonating water at home (yay you!). But you don't want plain sparkling water as your only option.

Maybe you've considered other drops, syrups, squirts, and flavors but they taste "chemical-y", are cloyingly sweet from stevia or monk fruit, or actually just turn your healthy sparkling water into soda from loads of sugar.

Bon Gysr is made with refreshing herb & fruit extracts, plus minerals & electrolytes from French grey sea salt, so you can effortlessly sip sophisticated sparkling water that actually satisfies your craving for all things bubbly.

With no calories, sweeteners, or added colors, Bon Gysr treats you to elevated, flavored sparkling water at home without the cases and cases of cans. Put the sparkle back in your daily ritual.

Now take a deep breath and enjoy your freshly crafted sparkling water - the emails can wait.