Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bon Gysr?

Bon Gysr drops are botanical flavors for sparkling water and made with extracts, French grey sea salt, and added minerals.

All the flavors are inspired by sun soaked locales and consist of fruit paired with herbs or flowers. The drops are very concentrated, so it's like a canned sparkling mineral water...without the can!

Simply add the drops to a glass of plain chilled sparkling water and soak up that sunny feeling.

What minerals are in Bon Gysr?

Bon Gysr is formulated with French Grey Sea Salt (Sel Gris) due to it's higher concentration of trace minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc. We also pair this with additional magnesium chloride and potassium chloride for absorbable electrolytes and balanced taste.

Can I add Bon Gysr to still/flat water?

You certainly can add Bon Gysr to still water - but we don't recommend it. If you've ever had a can of sparkling water go flat...and it has lost a bit of its joy, you'll know what we mean.

These flavors are specifically designed for sparkling water, and not to get too wonky, but the bubbles help unlock the aromatics and maximize the flavors.

Of course you can add Bon Gysr to other things, we just recommend that it is fizzy! In addition to sparkling water, or more intricate mocktails, Bon Gysr can be added to cocktails, beer, and sparkling wine! We just recommend whatever it is, has some carbonation.

How much Bon Gysr do I add to sparkling water?

We recommend starting with 1.0mL (or one full dropper) for each 8-12 oz glass of sparkling water. Feel free to adjust up or down from there to your preferred strength!

Whether you like a faint essence or a more punchy, bold flavor, one of the benefits of Bon Gysr is that it's customizable to you and anyone else in your household.

Each bottle of Bon Gysr comes with a dropper marked with incremental measurements, so once you find the perfect concentration for you, you can replicate it every time!

How many servings are in a bottle?

There are approximately 30 servings per 1oz (30mL) bottle of Bon Gysr. There is some variability depending on the strength you like it!

Does my Bon Gysr expire?

Bon Gysr is naturally shelf stable but is best consumed within 3 months of opening. You might find that the flavors might mellow after about 3-4 months, so drink up!

Separation and changes in color over time are natural, just give your bottle a good shake

Keep the top securely closed and the bottle out of direct sunlight.

Do I need to refrigerate my Bon Gysr?

There is no need to refrigerate. Bon Gysr is naturally shelf stable. Feel free to leave your bottles out on the counter, next to your carbonation station, or on your cute little bar cart, but out of direct sunlight is best.

How do you pronounce "Bon Gysr"?

You say it whatever way makes you happy!

We say "bon" like "on" and "gysr" like a natural "geyser" (guy-zer).

Where does the name "Bon Gysr" come from?

"Bon" in French simply means "good", but we also love that phrases like "bon appétit" and "bon voyage" are a lovely little crossover between culinary delights and travel - two things Bon Gysr is inspired by!

"Gysr" is representing a natural geyser, because every time we make sparkling water in our kitchen, it feels like our own little personal geyser.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us at hello@bongysr.com